How Travel Instagram Reels Work For Creators (7 Best Ideas)

How tRAVEL Instagram Reels Work for Content Creators and Travel Brands

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Imagine scrolling through your social media feed, and suddenly you come across this breathtaking video of someone hiking through lush forests or swimming in crystal-clear waters with some groovy music playing in the background. That’s the magic of travel reels on Instagram and TikTok stories!

See, travel is all about experiences, right? And what better way to capture those experiences than through short, snappy videos that instantly transport you to exotic destinations? Reels and TikTok stories are like little windows into the adventures of Instagram travel influencers and content creators.

First off, due to Instagram reels size, they’re super easy to consume in a world where attention spans are shorter than ever, these bite-sized videos are perfect. You can get a taste of a travel destination in just a few seconds, and if it catches your eye, you might end up watching the whole thing or even following the creator for more.

Plus, they’re incredibly shareable. People love to tag their friends in these videos, saying stuff like, “OMG, we have to go here!” It’s akin to top-tier virtual word-of-mouth promotion at its finest.

And we shouldn’t overlook the impact of visuals in the travel and hospitality industry. Stunning landscapes, mouth-watering food, adrenaline-pumping activities – all of these look even more incredible in video format. It’s like you’re right there with the creator, experiencing everything firsthand.

But perhaps the biggest reason why travel reels and TikTok stories are so popular is that they capture the essence of travel itself – the excitement, the wonder, the feeling of discovery. They inspire people to get out there and explore the world, one short video at a time.

5 Easy Steps( no-brainer) on How to do Travel Instagram Reels?

Creating travel Reels on Instagram involves five easy steps:

1. Plan your content: Decide on the theme, message, and visuals you want to convey in your reel. Consider the destinations, activities, or experiences you want to showcase.

2. Capture engaging footage: Use high-quality photos and videos that highlight the best aspects of your travel experiences. Pay attention to composition, lighting, and visual appeal.

3. Edit your reel: Use Instagram’s built-in editing tools or third-party apps to add music, text, stickers, and effects to make your reel visually appealing and engaging.

4. Optimize for Instagram Travel Reels: Keep your reel short (up to 60 seconds), use catchy captions, and add relevant hashtags to increase discoverability.

5. Publish and promote: Share your travel reel on your Instagram profile and Stories. Encourage engagement by asking questions, inviting comments, and interacting with your audience.

Why it’s worth the time for tourism businesses and content creators.

1. Increased engagement: Reels on Instagram have a high engagement rate, allowing businesses and creators to reach a wider audience and attract more followers.

2. Showcasing experiences: Reels provide a visually captivating way to showcase destinations, activities, and experiences, enticing potential travelers to explore and book.

3. Building brand personality: Reels allow businesses and creators to express their brand personality, authenticity, and creativity, helping to build a loyal and engaged community.

4.Staying relevant: As Instagram continues to prioritize Reels in its algorithm, businesses and creators who embrace this feature can stay relevant and visible to their audience.

5. Driving conversions: Engaging travel Reels can drive traffic to websites, increase bookings, and generate revenue for tourism businesses.

In summary, creating travel reels on Instagram is worth the time for tourism businesses and content creators because it enhances engagement, showcases experiences, builds brand personality, stays relevant on the platform, and drives conversions.

How to Create Instagram Reels Worth Sharing

What are instagram reels worth sharing? A good travel Instagram reel for travel businesses, influencers, and travelers is visually stunning, capturing the essence and beauty of destinations, activities, and experiences. It is engaging and captivating, drawing viewers in with dynamic storytelling, creative editing, and compelling visuals.

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Additionally, it provides value by offering useful travel tips, recommendations, or insider insights to inspire and inform the audience. Lastly, it fosters connection and interaction by encouraging comments, questions, and sharing, creating a sense of community among travelers and enthusiasts.

How to Make Instagram Reels Perfect For 23 Tourism Businesses

For tourism businesses, Instagram reels format offer a dynamic platform to showcase their unique offerings and attract potential travelers. From highlighting scenic tours and luxurious accommodations to sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of cultural experiences and culinary delights, the possibilities are endless.

Additionally, businesses can create engaging reels featuring customer testimonials, special promotions, or exclusive discounts to entice viewers and drive bookings.

Let’s break down how each type of tourism business can leverage the power of instagram reels templates.

1. Tours: Create short, engaging reels showcasing highlights of your tours, scenic spots, and activities to attract potential travelers.

2. Accommodation: Show off the amenities, ambiance, and unique features of your accommodations through visually appealing reels to entice travelers to book their stay.

3. Business tourism: Highlight conference venues, meeting spaces, and amenities tailored for business travelers to promote your business tourism offerings effectively.

4. Cultural tourism: Share snippets of cultural experiences, local traditions, festivals, and historical sites to educate and inspire travelers about the cultural richness of your destination.

5. Travel agency: Showcase your expertise by offering travel tips, destination recommendations, and package deals in short, informative reels to attract clients.

6. Attractions: Create captivating reels showcasing the excitement and uniqueness of your attractions to encourage travelers to visit and experience them firsthand.

7. Domestic tourism: Promote local destinations, hidden gems, and off-the-beaten-path experiences to encourage locals to explore their own country through engaging reels.

8. Food Services: Share mouth-watering reels of local cuisine, cooking demonstrations, and food tours to appeal to food enthusiasts and travelers looking for culinary experiences.

9. Rural tourism: Highlight the tranquility, natural beauty, and authentic experiences of rural destinations through visually appealing reels to attract travelers seeking peaceful getaways.

10. Shopping: Showcase unique shopping experiences, local markets, and artisanal products in lively reels to entice travelers looking for memorable shopping experiences.

11. Transportation: Create reels featuring transportation options, scenic routes, and travel tips to help travelers plan their journeys effectively.

12. Travel intermediaries: Utilize reels to introduce your services, highlight customer testimonials, and showcase travel deals to attract clients seeking assistance with their travel plans.

13. Agritourism: Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of farm life, agricultural activities, and farm-to-table experiences to attract travelers interested in rural experiences.

15. Bed and Breakfast: Create inviting reels showcasing the charm, comfort, and hospitality of your bed and breakfast to entice travelers seeking cozy accommodations.

16. Camping: Share reels featuring camping tips, outdoor adventures, and stunning campsite views to inspire travelers to embark on camping trips.

17. Cruises: Showcase the luxury, entertainment, and breathtaking views offered by your cruise line through captivating reels to attract travelers seeking memorable sea voyages.

18. Ecotourism: Highlight sustainable practices, wildlife encounters, and eco-friendly adventures in your destination through educational and inspiring reels.

19. Entertainment: Create entertaining reels featuring local performances, nightlife hotspots, and cultural events to showcase the vibrant entertainment scene of your destination.

20. Event organizers: Promote upcoming events, conferences, and festivals through dynamic reels to attract attendees and generate excitement.

21. Hotel: Showcase the elegance, comfort, and amenities of your hotel through visually stunning reels to entice travelers seeking luxury accommodations.

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22. Sports tourism: Highlight adrenaline-pumping activities, sports events, and outdoor adventures in your destination through action-packed reels to attract sports enthusiasts.

23. Tour operator: Showcase the diversity of your tours, personalized experiences, and customer satisfaction through engaging reels to attract travelers seeking memorable adventures.

In summary, Instagram Reels can be a versatile tool for influencers and travel content creators across various tourism businesses to showcase their offerings, engage with their audience, and ultimately attract more travelers to explore and experience their destinations.

Where Do Your Followers Go Next After Watching Your Travel Reels?

After watching your travel reels, your followers may take several actions depending on the content and call-to-action.

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Where Do Your Followers Go Next After Watching Your Travel Reels?

1. Engagement: They may like, comment, or share the reel, expressing their thoughts, questions, or excitement about the showcased destinations or experiences.

2. Exploration: Followers might visit your Instagram profile to discover more about your travel content, browse through your feed, or check out your Stories for additional insights and updates.

The Seychelles archipelago boasts some of the most picturesque beaches in the world

3. Website Visit: If you’ve included a link in your reel’s caption or bio, followers may click through to your website to learn more about your tourism business, book tours or accommodations, or explore additional travel resources.

4. Direct Message: Some followers may reach out via direct message to inquire about travel packages, ask for recommendations, or seek personalized advice, fostering direct communication and potential customer relationships.

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5. Follow-up Actions: Inspired by your reel, followers may research further about the showcased destinations, plan their own trips, or share the content with friends and family who might be interested, extending the reach and impact of your travel content.

What is the Meaning of POV on Travel Instagram Reels?

The POV (Point of View) on travel reels on Instagram refers to the unique perspective or personal narrative that a travel influencer or content creator brings to their content. It encompasses their experiences, beliefs, values, and insights, shaping how they perceive and present the destinations, cultures, and experiences they showcase.

the power of the POV in Your Travel Instagram Reels

Adding your POV as a travel influencer or content creator is crucial for ethical travel storytelling because it adds authenticity, depth, and context to your content. By sharing your personal experiences, perspectives, and reflections, you humanize the travel experience and foster genuine connections with your audience. This approach promotes transparency, respect for local cultures, and responsible tourism practices, contributing to a more ethical and sustainable travel industry.

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For example, instead of simply showcasing picturesque landmarks or luxury accommodations, a travel influencer might share their personal journey of cultural immersion, highlighting interactions with locals, moments of connection, and insights gained from the experience. By sharing their POV, they not only inspire their audience but also encourage empathy, understanding, and appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives.

social issues affecting the destinations travelers visit

In another scenario, a travel content creator might use their POV to raise awareness about environmental conservation efforts, responsible travel practices, or social issues affecting the destinations they visit. By weaving ethical considerations into their storytelling, they empower their audience to make informed decisions, support sustainable initiatives, and contribute positively to the communities they visit.

Understanding the needs of emerging luxury travel markets and personas

Overall, adding your POV to Travel Instagram either through reels or stories fosters ethical storytelling by promoting authenticity, empathy, and responsibility, ultimately enriching the travel experience for both creators and viewers.

Your Travel Instagram Bio Complement Your Reels and Stories

Crafting a well-crafted travel Instagram bio is essential because it serves as your profile’s first impression and acts as a gateway for your followers, who often visit your profile after watching your reels or stories. Your bio should succinctly communicate who you are, what you offer, and why people should follow you, capturing their attention and enticing them to explore further.

Your Travel Instagram Bio Complement Your Reels and Stories

A compelling Instagram bio helps you establish your identity as a travel influencer or content creator, showcasing your niche, expertise, and unique perspective in the travel industry. It provides context for your content, giving followers a clear understanding of what to expect from your posts, reels, and stories.

Moreover, your Instagram bio serves as a call-to-action, directing followers to take specific actions such as visiting your website, subscribing to your newsletter, or contacting you for collaborations. By including relevant links, hashtags, or contact information, you make it easier for followers to engage with you and further deepen their connection with your brand.

Moreover, your Instagram bio serves as a call-to-action, directing followers to take specific actions such as visiting your website, subscribing to your newsletter, or contacting you for collaborations. By including relevant links, hashtags, or contact information, you make it easier for followers to engage with you and further deepen their connection with your brand.

In summary, a well-crafted travel Instagram bio is crucial for capturing the interest of your followers who visit your profile after watching your reels or stories. It establishes your identity, provides context for your content, and encourages followers to take meaningful actions, ultimately fostering engagement and building a loyal community of travel enthusiasts.

Travel Slogans Should Match Your Reels and Stories

Having a well-crafted travel slogan for your Instagram Travel Account is essential because it serves as a memorable and concise representation of your brand identity, values, and mission. When followers visit your profile after watching your reels or stories, a compelling slogan immediately communicates what your account is about and what they can expect from your content. It helps create a cohesive and recognizable brand image, making it easier for followers to remember and engage with your account amidst the vast sea of travel content on Instagram.

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Travel Slogans Should Match Your Reels and Stories

For example, a travel slogan like “Discover the World, One Adventure at a Time” conveys a sense of exploration, excitement, and discovery, enticing followers to explore your content further. Similarly, a slogan like “Travel with Purpose: Explore, Connect, Impact” communicates a commitment to ethical travel, community engagement, and responsible tourism practices, resonating with followers who value sustainable travel experiences.

The allure of gorilla trekking for discerning adventurers

Ultimately, a well-crafted travel slogan acts as a powerful tool to captivate and retain your audience’s attention, reinforce your brand identity, and foster a sense of connection and loyalty among your followers.

FAQs on Instagram Travel Reels

What is a reel on Instagram that is perfect for travel influencers and travel brands in ethical travel

A perfect Instagram Reel for travel influencers and brands in ethical travel should showcase sustainable practices, cultural appreciation, and community engagement, while also promoting responsible tourism initiatives and highlighting the positive impact of travel on local communities and the environment. It would inspire viewers to explore the world responsibly, fostering empathy, respect, and a deeper connection to the destinations they visit.

How to download Instagram reels?

To download a remixed travel Instagram Reel, simply tap on the three dots (…) at the bottom of the Reel and select “Save” to download it to your device. Alternatively, you can use third-party apps or websites designed for downloading Instagram content by pasting the Reel’s URL.

What is Instagram reels for social media travel marketing

Instagram travel reels in the context of social media travel marketing are short, engaging video clips that showcase destinations, experiences, and activities, providing a dynamic way to capture attention and inspire travel. It’s a trend worth embracing because Reels offer a more immersive and interactive experience than static posts, allowing travel businesses and influencers to convey their message more effectively and stand out in a crowded social media landscape.

What is the difference between Instagram stories and reels for travel content creators?

Instagram Stories are ephemeral, short-lived posts that disappear after 24 hours, often used for real-time updates and casual content sharing. How long does a reel stay on Instagram? While Reels are short-form videos up to 60 seconds long that remain on your profile and are discoverable beyond your followers, offering a more permanent and shareable format for showcasing travel experiences. How long does a reel stay on Instagram? Travel content creators should aim for Reels as they have a higher potential for reaching a broader audience, gaining visibility on the Explore page, and capitalizing on Instagram’s prioritization of Reels in its algorithm, ultimately increasing engagement and attracting new followers.

Additional Resources

Best time to post reels on Instagram travel accounts?

The best time to post reels on Instagram travel accounts is typically during peak engagement hours, which are often in the late morning or early afternoon, and again in the evening, when users are most active and likely to engage with content. However, it’s essential to analyze your specific audience’s behavior using Instagram Insights to determine the optimal posting times for maximum reach and engagement.

If you co-created your reels with a travel influencer, you can download IG reels after remixing them

If you collaborated with a travel influencer on your IG Reels, you have the option to download the reels after remixing them, allowing you to share the content on your own profile or other platforms for extended reach and engagement. This feature facilitates mutual promotion and content sharing between creators, maximizing exposure and audience interaction.

Why does POV meaning on Instagram travel reels matter for your following base?

POV on Instagram travel reels matters for your following base because it adds authenticity and personal connection, making your content more relatable and engaging. It helps foster trust, loyalty, and deeper connections with your audience, leading to increased engagement and long-term followership.

What should you avoid in travel reels posted on Instagram or TikTok?

Avoid using overly promotional language or focusing solely on self-promotion, as this can come across as insincere and may turn off viewers. Additionally, steer clear of cultural insensitivity, inappropriate behavior, or unethical practices that could harm local communities or perpetuate stereotypes.

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